Most plastic surgeons warn people, “don’t get permanent lip implants! You will regret them sooner or later.” Permanent lip implants are enticing because the results can look real good at first! Why? You get the expected results. The lip implants have set sizes and dimensions. They do not get degraded by the body. Thus, you get what you see if your procedure goes as planned.


See the results below, they are absolutely fabulous. You get the 3-D pouty lip look as seen in adolescents. Depending on the sizes of the silicone permanent lip implants, you can get a maximum total lip height of 10mm and  lip protrusion of 5mm. The beauty of this procedure is that the firm shape of the implant pushes your lip upward and forward- meaning it helps  raise and give definition to the Cupids Bow and it automatically shortens the philtrum by as much as 5mm (the distance between the upper lip and under the nose).


 As good as the lips look-, there are drawbacks from permanent lip implants. As you age, your face changes. The lip implants that looked good today may not look good 3, 5, or 10 years later.  With natural aging, your upper lip lengthens, your Cupid’s bow flattens, the upper and lower lips sink in, the mouth appears wider, and the corners of the mouth droop downward- as seen in the image below. What if your lips are not aging naturally because you have implants in them?


Lip implants look small but they have some weight. Weight tends to put pressure on the lips to move downward. Years after lip implant procedures, people have described they had “a sad look” facial expression  because of their drooping lips. In addition, our skin becomes thinner as we age! The lip implant shape may protrude through the lips like bulging veins on the backs of our hands.


 Here are a few pros and cons on permanent lip implants:


* In the short-term, your lips can look quite natural if your lips are not overly ballooning and turgid.
* If you are very unhappy with your results, you can easily remove the implants. However, the lips will need to be filled with something such as a fat graft or lip fillers. Otherwise, they may look deflated and drooped.


* You may get the classic “trout pout, duck, or sausage lips” look because permanent lip implants only enhance the lips- not your philtrum leading to a flat looking upper lip. As a consequence, only your lips stick out. This look will get worse with time because your lips lose volume and muscle thickness.
* You may not look natural when you talk!
* Your implants might migrate so you have to redo them.
* If you have very thin lips, avoid this procedure. You do not want your implants to show through your thin lip skin.
* Some people reported that their partners can feel the lip implants during kissing.
* It is very likely to result in lip deformity in the long run.

COSTS: $1,500 to $2,000 per lip


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