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“If I have lip fillers, can I use CandyLipz?” or “Can I combine lip injections with CandyLipz to get the lip size I want?” CandyLipz recommends buyers wait for the body to absorb the lip fillers before using CandyLipz. Currently, CandyLipz has no clinical studies on this topic. If buyers decide to use both methods simultaneously, it will be at their own discretion.

An Experiment by A 3-Year CandyLipz User

If you are still curious if you can use CandyLipz with lip fillers, here is a case submitted by Jamie Lyn Barton, an Internet beauty blogger. Jamie has been using CandyLipz for nearly 3 years. Here is her story:

I am a smoker! Smoking had shrunk my lips and I was starting to get fine lines around my lips which looked like smoker’s lines. I did not like how my lips looked so a few years ago, I was fortunate enough to stumble across Candylipz while I was looking for a natural solution to anti-age my lips. What I wanted was more plumpness, better lip shape, and less lip lines around my lips. I seriously did not want Botox around my mouth or lip injections. I was scared I’d get the “celebrity gone wrong look”!

Well, after I did my intensive research, I got Candylipz a week later. At first, I was very skeptical about CandyLipz. I did not know if it would work as described because their advertisement seemed unreal. CandyLipz claimed to double to even triple your lip size even if you do not have lips! To be honest, I thought those images were fake! Another concern which I had was lip wrinkles. Will this lip suction device ruin my lips further? I already had lip wrinkles. Well, what the heck! I was too curious to see if it would work on me because CandyLipz was invented to reverse the signs of aging lips. It was just the solution I was seeking to resolve my problem.

My CandyLipz Experience

I was SHOCKED by the results after I took off the lip plumper! It worked as described. I could not stop laughing with joy to see the advertised results on me! OMG! This product really worked! My lips plumped beautifully and even my lip lines vanished in minutes. Out of curiosity, I did triple my lip size just to see what I would look like. The next day I got “the hickey marks” which was to be expected as they did warn me about it. I did not mind at all- nothing my concealer couldn’t hide. By the way, at that time, I was on many medications and some were blood thinners (which I am still on). They told me to expect a longer lip conditioning period if I was taking medications. I did go through the conditioning period as instructed. My conditioning period lasted for about 2 weeks. After my lips were trained, I no longer get any hickey marks. Let me tell you, my CandyLipz experience was worth every penny! It was and still is the best thing I have bought for myself.

Here are a few images of me using CandyLipz. I use it when I watch TV, wash dishes, use my computer, or do facial! I am obsessed with CandyLipz so I have all models of their lip plumpers.

Beloware my before (first row) and after (second row) images. I love CandyLipz. Look at my transformations! I do a lot of product reviews for makeup and CandyLipz is a necessity if you have to review lipstick and anything that has to do with the lips. You can really showcase the products when you have big beautiful shapely lips.

As of today, I have been using this product for about three years now. I really LOVE how my lips look. I try to use Candylipz daily. After plumping, my lips fullness lasts about eight hours and sometimes as long as 24 hours (WOW!). I am thrilled to report that I also have semi-permanent results which is so AMAZING. If I do not plump for a few days, they are fuller than what I originally had. I used to have a thin upper lip compared to my bottom lip. Now they are equal in size. Take a good look at my before and after images below.

An Experiment with Lip Fillers

As a beauty blogger, many people had asked me if I would get lip injections and share my experience with them. Even though I was satisfied with my CandyLipz results, I wanted to give lip injections a try. We all have heard about Kylie Jenner’s lips journey. Well, I really wanted to see what lip injections would look like on me.

I finally made an appointment with a plastic surgeon to get Juvederm lip filler. It cost an arm and a leg at 600 dollars for one syringe. What do you think?



Look at the upper right image above where I did not plump for a week when I was not feeling well. After comparing my Juvederm image (bottom left image) with my no lip plumping image (upper right image), I love CandyLipz! It produces such a natural look or a dramatic look depending on how big I want my lips to be! My lips also looked lifted and they have a really nice Cupid’s bow shape. My overall lip shape has improved since I started to use CandyLipz.

As for my lip injection results (lower left image), a 1-syringe injection was not really noticeable after my swelling went down. I noticed that with Juvederm, the corners of my lips were not lifted. Since I love big lips, one syringe did not give me the lip size I wanted so I decided to test CandyLipz with filler in my lips! Candylipz website said if you have lip fillers, you use it at your own risk. So I did. Look at my lips! I love it (bottom right image).

To sum it all up!

1. Lip fillers could not give me the lip size I wanted. Unless I had $1,200 for 2 syringes which I don’t have!!

2. What’s really cool to me is that CandyLipz can make your lips whatever size you want. If you love lipstick as I do, you are in for a treat!

3. CandyLipz can definitely improve the shape of our lips in the long-run and it did remove my lip wrinkles. The suction did not add wrinkles to my lips which was one of my concerns.

4. I cannot afford to spend $600 to $1,200 dollars each time to get lip injections. One thing I like about lip injections is when I use it with CandyLipz, the effect on my lips lasts much longer than 8 hours.

5. There was  no movement of my lip filler. I did not find accumulation of lumps or bumps on my lips. They are perfectly plumped! No damage after 8 weeks of using combined methods.

If you ask me, will I get fillers again? I would not say no if I have the funding. I am obsessed with CandyLipz and I will continue to use CandyLipz on a daily basis.

Thank for for reading my article. All individuals are different. If you decide to use CandyLipz and have lip injections at the same time, do it at your own discretion. From my experience, my lips are just fine. Feel free to write me @jamielynbarton on Instagram if you have any questions.

Well, have fun with your Candylipz even if you don’t get injections. You will love the results.

Happy Candylipping!
Jamie Lyn Barton


 Are you thinking about getting lip injections? Take a look at CandyLipz vs. Juvederm results. What do you think? We asked gorgeous @lollipopsmccormack how she felt about it. Here is what she wrote. “… I payed £320 for 2 ml of Juvederm. It doesn’t last very long. Around 4 weeks. Definitely not worth the price. As for my candylipz well I LOVE it. It’s amazing. I use it every day. It’s already made a difference to the permanent size of my lips. Can’t fault it. I had a few issues at first with the fit but I soon worked out how to place it better. I don’t even think about lip injections any more. Xx

  candylipz vs juvederm before and after

 Watch this video by Kimbyrleigha. She has some fillers in her lips and she is using CandyLipz. She is giving you great tips here. A must-Watch everyone!

Additional Images Submitted by CandyLipz Users

A Review by @Deechudy on Instagram

CandyLipz 5 Stars Review by Deechudy! Thank you so much. We really appreciate it.
She wrote, “I came across Candylipz on IG and was amazed at all the wonderful before and after pics. I was a little skeptical at first… However, I did my research about lip suctions and Candylipz was number 1! I was also in the market for a lip plumper/suction, since my lip fillers were dizolving after a year, and I didn’t want to spend a ton of $ on fillers again.

Omg, I can’t believe how amazing this product works!!! I purchased the red apple and I absolutely love it!!!! It gives me perfect pouty lips that last about 3 hours. My nurse that does my Botox even asked me if I got my lips done again. I said, ” No, you were the last person that did my lip fillers.” I said, ” its this lip suction called, Candylipz!” She was blown away!. My lips definitely have not gone down to there “normal” size back before I did my lip fillers. So Candylipz has definitely kept my lips plumped. Not only do their products work, but they have outstanding customer service!!! I am one happy customer!!! Thank you!!!!!????????????????????”


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