Are you searching for ways to reverse aging? If you are squeamish, beware this article is not for the light-hearted. It is going to churn your stomach.  Recent discoveries in the field of longevity show that the secret to restoring youth may be the taking of blood from very young persons. This  finding sounds creepy- like it came straight out of a Vampire horror movie. Does it remind you of Dracula? He drinks blood from other humans (young, virgin girls) to achieve immortality. As it turns out, blood is quite nutritious- especially young blood. It is rich in oxygen, minerals, antibodies, healing compounds, and growth hormones. What you may not know about your blood is it also contains stem cells! We all have a small amount of circulating stem cells in our blood. The younger you are, the more stem cells you have circulating in your blood. A baby has optimal stem cell levels in its blood. This is why babies can heal and recover quickly from their injuries. By the time you reach the age of 30, the number of circulating stem cells drop by 40%. If you are 65 or older, that number may diminish by as high as a whopping 90%. Stem cells are the kings of all cells. They can metamorphosis into any cell your body needs. They have the power to rejuvenate old body parts by removing decrepit cells and replacing them with new ones. Recent data suggests that we age because our stem cells grow old and ineffective.


Stem cells have the ability to replicate themselves. They use their replicated selves to turn each one of them into whatever cells the body needs. For example, if your body needs to repair your aging brain, new nerve cells are made to replace old brain cells. This is how the body stays young and robust. The potential of human stem cells is incredible (see the illustration below).

As you age, your stem cell population may be the same in number. However, they lose their ability to produce an abundance of replicas. When this happens, your body parts start to age as you accumulate damaged cells that are not replaced.



The search for everlasting youth has been an enduring topic throughout history. The use of blood transfusions to renew body parts or to cure diseases is not new! The first person to ignite blood transfusion research was a Russian physician named Alexander Bogdanov in 1924.  He believed he could achieve eternal youth by infusing young blood into his body. He frequently exchanged blood with his young students. Unfortunately, at the age of 54, he died from the exchange of a liter of blood from a 21 years old physics student- his blood was tainted with malaria and tuberculosis.

If you are wondering whether he looked younger after his years of treatments –  a letter from Bogdamov’s friend claimed he looked 10 years younger!



It is indisputable that stem cells can rejuvenate aged skin, muscles, nerves, joints, heart, lungs, and all organs in the body. The latest research reveals that young blood rejuvenates old mice by making their stem cells young again. This may be why old mice look younger; their furs are shinier. They also exhibit remarkable youthful attributes including stamina, speed, better sense of smell, faster healing, and better cognition.

A study surfaced in 1972 from University of California  showed that old mice connected to young blood circulatory system live 4 months longer compared to their old counterparts. If you must know, 4 months is equivalent to 20 human years! On the flip side of the coin, spooky as it may sound, young mice that received old blood appeared to age prematurely and heal slower.


In mice research, scientists paired mice as young as a few weeks old to mice as old as 18 months. In human years,  it is equivalent to pairing a 5-year-old human with someone who would be in their 60s.  These experiments started in 1950 and soon faded in to obscurity, but they have been revived in the past 10 years because of the world’s exploding aging population.  The race to find the fountain of youth is on again!

Below is one method of how mice are studied for your sake. Scientists suture two mice together using their side flanks. This is how they force the paired mice to share the same blood circulatory system for up to 15 months. This surgical procedure is known as parabiosis. Although, most of these experiments went as planned. Some mice died from getting infectious diseases and blood incompatibility with their paired partner. Some old mice also bite off their mate’s heads because they could not get along.

Scientists learned to better their experiments by pairing highly inbred mice before they stitch them together. By the way, experts warn people at home not to exchange blood for eternal youth. You can die from blood and plasma incompatibility and/or infectious diseases. Mark Mattson, the chief of the Laboratory of Neurosciences at the U.S. National Institute on Aging in Bethesda, Maryland, says what many are actually thinking, “It’s very provocative… maybe I should bank some blood of my daughter’s son, so if I start to have any cognitive problems, I’ll have some help.”


Watch the video below to learn more the this research.


There are no scientific experiments to show that drinking young blood promotes body rejuvenation. No one has the scientific answers at this time.  Before you read the following section, let’s see the rationale behind why some people do what they do. The cost of stem cell treatment in the USA is around $10,000 per treatment. On the international markets, it can run from $20,000 to $100,000. If you do not have this kind of money, what are other ways you can get stem cells? There are a few ways you may be able to stimulate your body to produce stem cells naturally.

a) You can take the agent orally or apply it topically to trigger the body’s stem cells to create new healthy growth. For example, if someone drinks blood, could the blood contain stem cell activators?

b) It is also known in scientific literature that if you injure your skin or body organs, you naturally induce your bone marrow to release stem cells to the injured site. In patients with large skin damage from acute burns, researchers observed huge spikes of stem cells in the patient’s blood by as high as a 21 fold-increase compared to their uninjured counterparts!

Here is a count down from the least to the most shocking things people do to slow aging.

#11. Semen Facial Treatment: Actress Heather Locklear told many media sources that her secret to younger looking skin is semen, not injection fillers. Semen contains over 50 nutrient-rich composition which include testosterone, prolactin, prosgtaglandin, and estrogen. These 4 natural substances are known to affect stem cell proliferation in the body. We do not know if topical application does the same thing for your skin. Dedicated practitioners swear semen erases their fine lines, softens their skin, and thickens/darkens their eyebrows. Because semen works beautifully on the skin, there is a product named Spermine which replicates semen’s composition. You can get it for the price of $250 a jar.

Trivia: Did you know that prostaglandin therapy for glaucoma causes increased eyelash growth and thickness?  When you use a product that enhances eyelash growth, the active ingredient is prostaglandin or its analog.

#10. Drinking and Eating  Real Gold: There are foods and drinks infused with real gold for a good reason.  Some people believe gold has healing properties that may hold the key to health, youth,  and longevity. An Emirates Palace hotel was reported to serve nearly 11 pounds of editable gold to their rich guests in a year!

Guess what? We all have a small amount of gold particles in our bodies from wearing gold or from inhaling gold dust from the soil. In the past few years, 24 Karat gold has been used in skincare formulations to promote skin rejuvenation. In modern medicine, nano gold beads are shot into the affected joints of arthritis patients to regrow cartilage. It is also used for the treatment of prostate and ovarian cancers.  Gold is edible in small amounts. As it turns out, gold is a stem cells activator. It stimulates your stem cells to replicate and make necessary cells to rejuvenate your body. The image below shows chocolate cake and champagne laden with editable gold leafs and flakes. A slice of cake can run up to $500 and $3000 for a bottle of champagne.


Trivia: Gold leaf was used in the 17th century to prevent scarring from small pox and wound healing.

#9. Donate Blood:  Can the act of giving blood bring youth and longevity to you? Women outlive men by 7 years. They lose 4 to 12 teaspoons of blood every month from menstruating. Excess iron causes build up of free radicals which may lead to premature aging and cancers. Losing a little blood may be a good thing. Why? When blood is lost, the body produces new blood to replace what was lost. The new blood contains new stem cells which then circulate throughout your body to help you heal and regenerate old tissues. It is common for men who care about life extension to donate blood at least twice a year.

#8. Acupuncture Facial Needles for Skin Rejuvenation:    If you do not like to inject fillers into your face,  you can help your body stimulate collagen production by injuring your skin! It works!



#7.  Microneedling: Here is a method where you roll nearly 200 sharp needles across your face! Each needle can go as deep as 3 mm into your skin. The results are astounding after just 1 treatment. Look at the before and after images below. This method triggers your stem cells to produce new collagen and elastin.



#6. Vampire Facial with Microneedling: For this method, your blood is drawn and processed to obtain the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which is then applied to your injured microneedled skin. Scientists found that PRP  contains collagen growth factor and it also stimulates stem cell production.

#5. Controlled Blood Letting: Instead of donating blood, you can do controlled bleeding known as blood-letting. Blood-letting can be coupled with Chinese cupping therapy (known as wet cupping) to increase blood circulation and promote tissue healing. Take a look at the video below. The same microneedling method is used to injure the skin. This is how you can force the body to produce additional stem cells. Evidence? cupping induces stem cell production in the brains of rats with Alzheimer disease.

#4. Blood Transfusion of Young Blood: Human clinical trials of young blood transfused into old individuals are going on right now at Stanford University.  For this trial, people with Alzheimer’s will be given transfusion of young blood to see if their cognition improves.


Trivia:  Kim Il-Sung (former Korean leader) ordered his doctors to make him live to 100.  At the age of 78, he started to demand blood transfusions from healthy young men. He did it so much that his blood type changed from AB to B. He died at the age of 82 from a massive heart attack. His final act of extreme blood transfusion practices may have killed him. Why? Some experts thought there may have been too many incompatible blood components from his donors; his old body couldn’t handle them. Maybe if he had started 10 years earlier  at a slow pace, it might work. Who knows… Does Kim Jong Un (Kim Il-Sung’s son) also practice young blood transfusion? We do not know. Like his father and grandfather, he has inherited diabetes and heart problems.

#3. Balut:It is a developing duck embryo- a Filipino delicacy. You eat it! Could balut contain embryonic stem cells or stem cell activators? No one knows. People who religiously eat Balut  frequently into their old age claim they still have great stamina, sexual desire, and no gray hair.


#2. Eating Placenta:



Believe it or not, celebrities who ate their own babies’ placentas include January Jones (Mad Men), Alicia Silverstone (Clueless), Mayim Bialik (Big Bang Theory), Stacy Kiebler (ex-girlfriend of George Clooney), Tamera Mowry and Tia Mowry (Sitcom Sister), Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, Holy Madison (The Girl Next Door). Some ate it as pate, in pill form, protein shake, fruit smoothie, cooked or even raw! Placenta is packed with stem cells and nutrients which are thought to rejuvenate the mother’s body.  Hollywood actor Tom Cruise’ told his QG  magazine “I’m gonna eat my baby’s placenta. I thought that would be good. Very nutritious.” In China, 10% of mothers take their placenta home for consumption. Whether consuming blood or placenta works or not, some people are doing whatever they can to hold on to their youth.

#1. Eating Human Aborted Fetuses:  This is known as fetal cannablism. The # 1 shocking thing people do to restore youth! Is this for real?

“Zou Qin, 32, a woman from Hubei with the fine skin of a someone several years younger, attributes her well preserved looks to a diet of foetuses…” Read more here.

TriviaFasting triggers your stem cells to regenerate.


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