Poison induced facial paralysis anyone? It works like magic to remove wrinkles. They even had “Poison-by-Post”- DIY BOTOX Home Kit on the black market! It is now banned. Investigators found some people had put themselves in the intensive care unit for self-inflicted coma. Some even died.

BotoxBotox is made from a deadly botulism neurotoxin which is produced by a bacterial Clostridium botulimun. Botulism is so fatal that it has been postulated to take just 14 ounces of solution to wipe out the whole humanity! Botulism was attempted to use as a biological warfare weapon in World War II. The toxin attacks your nerves. A terrible death may be associated with difficulty swallowing, constriction of the throat, and paralysis of the respiratory muscles. You can catch this rare disease by eating contaminated canned foods including processed, homemade, preserved and fermented cans.

The death rate for people with foodborne botulism is 50%. If you survive, there is a good chance you will be hooking up to a respirator for the rest of your life. The FDA cautions people who use Botox as botulism can occur if the treatments are inappropriately given. Botulism solution can seep out of the localized area where it is injected. The death rate for Botox is very low. So far, only 16 deaths had been reported but the Botox company stated that 10% of the users did get to experience some side effects which are worth to point out. Imagine if things go wrong, you might end up having crossed-eyes, eyeball paralysis, asymmetrical drooping mouth, drooping eyebrows and lower eye lids for 3 to 6 months until the toxin wears off. Some said they were not born “____” but Botox made them look that way.

Other Side Effects: Sagging cheeks and loss of volume in the face.

Cost: $250 to $500 per area.

Concerns: Botox paralyzes your muscles. It may cause muscle wasting. Look at people who are paralyzed from the waist down. ½ of their body is wasting. Is that what you want to happen to your face? Botox may weaken your facial muscles and accelerate skin aging. We exercise our body with weight to keep it firm and toned. Use it or lose it. Repeated Botox injections may age your facial skin because it can no longer contract its muscles.

Trivia: Europe banned beauticians and hairdressers from administering Botox to their customers.

Read a Horror Story? A couple and their doctor and his girlfriend were left paralyzed after he administered Botox to himself and three others…One person could only move her finger now… Read More

Botox Injection Mechanism

Botox Injection for Facial Spasm (Botox was originally approved for use to control muscle spasm disorders.)

Botox Injection To Lift The Corner of the Mouth

Botox Injection Side Effects

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