You are what you eat! Did you know that eating the wrong fats may age your skin? Currently, we do not have human studies to show you that this is the case. The Ethics Research Committee would never approve this kind of study. It is inhumane! Why? Studied subjects will have to practically drink loads of dietary oils for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for months on end before tissue  biopsies from various body organs are collected to tabulate the results. Too invasive!

Well, there is a parallel dimension that will give you these studies. Let’s us peek into the interesting world of animal research to help us shed light on our own bodies.

Scientists found that when poultry, pigs, and cattle were fed with dietary vegetable oils such as corn, soy, or canola oils instead of lard (pork fat) or tallow (beef fat), the animals produce softer fat and softer muscles. Vegetable fats tend to be liquids so when the animals ate the oils, their fats are less dense. Researchers found that meat products from animal fed vegetable oils go rancid quicker. Their shelf-life is 100% less.


Tips:  Why take a risk with your skin health! Eating the wrong fats may cause your skin to age quicker. Skin aging translates to skin sagging.  The best thing to do for your skin is to eat natural fat from animals fed a natural diet. Avoid all processed vegetable oils. Other great sources of the good fat are: ghee, raw butter, coconut oil, and palm oil. It takes 1 year to renew 10% of your fat cells and 10 years to renew every fat cell in the body.

Trivia: Scientists confirmed that you are what you eat! Females taking fish oil supplements were found to accumulate this oil in their breast biopsies. Cars run on vegetable oils have shorter engine life than cars run on tallow. Non-fat milk goes rancid faster than whole fat milk.

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