Hair. Do you know why you have hair on your head? Up until today, no one knows why! Scientists speculate that you have hair to keep your head warm and to reflect the harmful UV rays from overheating your head. Do that sound right to you? How about we let our hair speak for itself.


An average person is born with 100,000 hair follicles. Hair follicles do not die when your hair strands fall off. They actually go to sleep and rest until they start to grow again. The length of your hair is determined by your active hair growth cycle. On average, you grow about ½ an inch a month. So in a year, you grow 6 inches of hair.  Each day, you lose between 50-100 hair strands. If your 6-inch hair strand falls off, that is your hair growth cycle- one year. The longest hair in the world was recorded at 20 feet long-  taking 30 years to grow! Some people are lucky to have long hair. Their hair follicles just work and work without taking a break for a long time.

Hair, as it may turn out, is a “sink” for waste disposal- so whatever your body needs to get rid of or is in excess of, it is found in your hair! It was found that your hair contains recreational drugs, poisons, pharmaceuticals, environmental pollutants, protein, and minerals! You name it- the whole periodical table of elements are in your hair! Even silver and gold were found in hair because people wear silver and gold jewelry.


It is well known that crash diets, anorexia, and weight loss cause people to lose hair! Why? Body fats store toxins. When you loss weight, you blast your body with heavy loads of toxins. This causes the hair follicles to go into shock, burn out, and shut down like your home electrical fuses got blown out! As a consequence, your hair falls off.


Recently, scientists discovered that cold caps prevent cancer patients from losing their hair when they wore them during chemo therapy. It is theorized that the cold caps prevent the toxic chemicals from entering the hair follicles. The toxic chemicals may have been diverted for elimination via the breath, feces, urine or, sweat.

Tips: Keep your head cool. Shampoo and conditioning your hair with cool water and rinse with cold water. Could a cold cap or ice pack treatment work to prevent your hair loss? Researchers found nutritional supplements do not work. There is no solution at this time except a healthy balanced diet.

Trivia: In late 2013, scientists were able to grow hair on foreskins from circumcised infants which had been grafted on to the backs of mice by injecting new hair follicles cloned from human heads. We still have a long way to go because the hair looked real “UGLY AND FLIMSY”, as scientists put it.

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