Fat harvested from your own body is the best material to use for your lip enhancement treatment because you are not going to reject it. PERIOD. It can be collected from your stomach, hip, thigh, and knee. However, there are many drawbacks.

1. The results are very subtle. (If you want extreme results, visit


2. The result will last at most 6 months. You must get repeated treatments to maintain your look. For many people it is painful and a hassle because you have to get fat from another part of your body- meaning you have to do a little liposuction. Thus, there may be a chance that you could get an infection in the aspirated area. If you have to get your lips done every 6 months, can you deal with a new cut or incision every time?


3. Fat transfer works best if it is injected in places where there is less movement. Otherwise, the injected fat can be re-absorbed quickly by the body. The action of talking and chewing accelerates fat absorption. This is why fat transfer results are highly unpredictable. Some people get 100% re-absorption in just a few months.

4. Your fat transfer can move to other parts of the lips! This means that when fat is used to re-shape and contour the lips, it is not an ideal material. If you have drooping lips due to aging, the fat tends to move downward. This is not a desirable result! You get further lip drooping because fat has weight so it naturally moves south!

5. Lumps and nodules can develop in your lips. It was found that fat transfer is best if it is transferred into fat because the injected fat needs something to grow into. It is difficult for fat to graft itself onto muscle or collagen. If your lips have no fat or little fat, the body will form collagen fiber around it. The result? Lumps and nodules- not so attractive.

6. Your result is also dependent on the surgeon’s technique for fat transfer. If the surgeon transfers DEAD FAT CELLS to your lips, your result is a toss! The whole point of getting fat transfer is you want the permanent effect!


7. The older you are, the more likely that you will develop lumps and nodules. If you cannot heal and regenerate the body tissue as quickly as younger individuals, the fat cells cannot re-establish their new home so they die. Aging reduces the body’s ability to clear toxins and debris from the body. This is why you get the lumps. Some lumps are large. They may need to be removed surgically.

8. It may not be worth your while to get fat injections if you are under 25 years old. Your body will re-absorb the fat almost immediately.

Serious complications: A piece of fat may find its way into the blood stream and gets caught in the brain (stroke), lungs (collapse lung), or eyes (blindness). These are rare complications but they have occurred.

Trivia: There is a very high risk of developing visible irregular nodules from fat transfer to the facial areas. Huge collagenate-calcified cysts where found in 20% of fat transfer cases to the breasts.

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