What data could we draw from to learn about the possible causes of breast cancer? If we have no answer at this time, it is best we look at data that might help us understand more about radiofrequency energy and cancers.  Here are some intriguing clues:


  • If you use your cell phone heavily for more than 1 hour a day for 6 continuous years, you have a 30 percent risk of developing brain tumors on the side of the head that your phone is applied to!
  • Testicular cancer is almost exclusively found in young men ages 16 to 30. Why? They tend to use laptops on their laps.
  • Laptops cause heat damage to sperm. After 4 hours of exposing semen to wireless laptops, 90% of the semen samples had breakage in their DNA.
  • Heat stress from radiofrequency energy appears to shorten the lifespan of laboratory rats and mice.
  • Watercress seeds sat next to Wi-Fi router showed seed deformity compared to healthy growth in environments without Wi-Fi (Denmark High School Student Scientific Experiment).
  • Tree leafs suffered from deformed growth in heavy Wi-Fi areas.


As you may already know, some of us develop breast cancer and some do not. Why? The bottom line is, there is a balance between healing and inflammation in your bodies.  If you do not have enough anti-oxidants to neutralize toxins in your body, toxin accumulation will lead to inflammation and this leads to DNA damage which in turn eventually leads to cancer. It is as simple as that!


  • Wear anti-radiation top or shirt when you are exposed to these devices.
  • Eat your antioxidants! Animal meat products achieve 100% longer shelf-life if they were fed a high antioxidants diet throughout their lifespan. Could these studies be applied to your own health? If it is hard to study humans and it takes decades, animal studies could definitely help us. When you have enough anti-oxidants in the body, they help reduce inflammation, a major risk factor in the development of cancer. (What Are The Best Antioxidants To Eat? Look for our upcoming article.)

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