It is normal to get hickey marks from using suction lip pumps. To avoid getting hickey marks after your conditioning period of 7 to 10 days, you must use your suction lip pump at its maximum suction strength.  This means, you need to compress the lip pump at your maximum strength. Your lips need to be conditioned to that specific suction pressure. If you have not done so during your conditioning period, when you happen to compress your lip pump to its maximum potential, you are going to get the hickey marks again until your lips are adapted to that specific suction strength.


1. Boxers do not bruise as easily because their bodies are conditioned to the frequent powerful blows. The same theory goes with your hickey marks. Do not let your hickey marks linger around for a long time. Get them out of the way so you can use the lip pump freely without getting them again. Use it at your maximum suction strength.

2. If you know you have very sensitive skin and you cannot use your lip pump at its maximum strength, you will have to train your lips gradually by increasing the suction strength incrementally. Your conditioning period will be a bit longer but all hickey marks should go away after you continue to use your lip pump daily.

3. If your hickey marks are very strong when you first use your lip pump, wear concealers for the next few days. Use our massage method to erase the cupping marks quicker. Eat an iron rich diet and drink plenty of raw vegetable juice (such as cabbage, watercress, broccoli, and kale) with fresh squeezed lemon juice. These tips can immensely help you shorten  your conditioning period.


4. If you have very intense hickey marks, you can still use your lip pump because your hickey marks should not get worse but they should gradually get lighter.

5. If you thought your marks were their strongest but after your use your lip pump and they came back again, it means you have not used your lip pump at maximum suction pressure.

6. If you get a tiny blood blister (very rare) and it bursts, it is okay. Allow your lips to heal and start again. Your skin will strengthen in no time.

7. If you change your lip pump to a different style (for example, from Apple design to Licorice design), you will get hickey marks again. When you use a different lip pump, the diameter of the opening may be different and different lip pumps may have different shapes and volumes, thus, these factors will affect the strength of your suction.

8. In the case where your hickey marks do not go away after 2 to 3 weeks or longer (read known cases), you will need to stop using the suction lip pump. A wonderful thing about suction tools is that it is a good way for you to gauge how healthy you are internally. If your hickey marks are lingering on, this may mean you are in poor health or have a poor diet. It is like you have a sore that does not heal. Well, your body is telling you that your body was unable to heal or get rid of debris and toxins. At this point, stop using the lip pump and take the proper steps to improve your situation before you use the lip plumper again.

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