Lip cupping anyone? If you do not already know, lip cupping is a 100% natural method for lip enlargement. You can now enlarge your lips instantly using suction technology! Lip cupping has been on the market for at over 10 years. Its concept derives from an ancient suction method known as ‘Cupping’- which may date back to as far as 3,500 years ago. Cupping is thought to have originated in China. However, some experts now think that it may have been introduced first by the ancient Egyptians. ‘Cupping’ has been proven clinically to increase blood flow for 5 to 20 minutes to the cupped area of the skin. Today, ‘Cupping’ is widely used to accelerate healing for sports injuries and treat ailments such as arthritis, migraine, asthma, digestive problems, and high blood pressure. ‘Cupping’ has also been used to tone the skin and reduce skin cellulite. Breast enlargement pumps also have been developed based on the ‘Cupping’ method. In a ‘Breast Cupping’ clinical trial, the results showed that participants were able to increase 1 bra size from wearing the breast pumps 10 hours a day for 10 months.

To understand how the lips are enlarged, take a look at the image below. This is traditional ‘Cupping’ therapy in action. As you can see here, glass cups are used with heat to remove air, thereby, creating local suction on the skin. Take a closer look at the skin under the glass cups, it is inflated or lifted  by an inch upward. Today, this same method is used to enlarge the lips but not with heat or fire. The current lip enhancement method uses hand-operated suction rubber bulbs or hard plastic tubes! These devices are applied directly over the lips.

cupping with fire image

For the curious seekers who want to enhance their lips naturally using ‘Lip Cupping’, there are pros and cons you need to know before you try this method.


  1. The results are instant and semi-permanent in the long run. It takes just a few minutes to enhance the lips and the look lasts for up to 24 hours. This is a validated finding from CandyLipz clinical trial class 4. They found that lip cupping increases water accumulation and retention for 24 hours. After 56 days, the lips are plumper naturally. You get to see what you might look like if you would have had lip injections. (Read the clinical trial here)
  2. In the long-run, your lips may stay naturally enlarged with daily use of a lip pump. The clinical trial (CandyLipz) showed that lip size increased by 36% from base-line lip size after 60 days of twice daily applications for 2 minutes each time.
  3. Lip cupping is very affordable compared to lip injections. Lip injection cost may range from $500 to $2000 a session and that depends on how full you want your lips to be filled. In addition, you will need to return to the office at least 2 to 3 times a year to maintain your pout. This means you might have to spend $3000 to $6000 a year! The price of a lip pump can range from just $19.99 and up to $299.99 for a system. The product lifespan is between 2 to 5 years.
  4. Lip cupping is non-invasive. There is little or no pain from the pulling suction force of the lip pump once your lips are conditioned to it.
  5. ‘Cupping’ is known to be able to lift and pull 8 layers of the skin if the right suction force and size of the cups are used.  These actions facilitate the increased movement of blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the skin. They help heal, relief tension, uproot trapped tissue impurities, and detoxify the skin.


  1. Lip cupping has a side effect which everyone should be aware of. Like ‘Cupping’, the practice of ‘lip cupping’ causes hickey marks- similar to cupping marks- on and around the lips for first-time users. The hickey marks have been proven clinically to be erythema. The marks can range from mild to quite intense marks. In a lip cupping clinical trial, the results showed that on average the hickey marks resolve themselves in 4.4 days.
  2. cupping marks ct webThe image above shows cupping marks, 24 hours after CandyLipz Lip Plumping device use. Whether mild, moderate or severe, these marks were transient and were not seen by Day 28 and through Day 56. In the treated group, the results showed 31% had no marks (1st image); 45% had mild marks (2nd image); 19 % had moderate marks (3rd image); and 5% had intense marks (4th image).95% of subjects showed cupping marks resolved between Day 1 and Day 9.  By Day 56, lips appeared smooth and plumper.
  3.  If you have lip implants, you cannot use lip plumper suction devices. These devices may cause migration or movement of the lip implants.
  4. If you have very sensitive skin or bleed easily or have a blood disorder, you cannot use the lip plumper suction devices. Follow this link to learn more about who cannot use these products.

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