Temperature And Lip Pump Usage

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Have you noticed that when the weather is cold, your lips look as if they shrunk? And when you are in a hot room or in a hot tub, you lips appear to swell? Well, your observations are correct. Hot and cold temperatures make stuff expand and contract. The wood frames of your home swell in hot temperatures and as a matter of fact, even metals such as brass expands when it is in hot weather and contracts when it is cold.  As for your lips, evolutionary biologists have proposed a theory that people who live in colder climates have evolved thinner lips to avoid frostbite, whereas people who live in hot climates have fuller lips because they need to keep the body cool. According to science, your skin expands and contracts so that your bodies remain near 98.6 degrees F. Thus, when it’s cold outside, your blood vessels contract to keep the blood near the surface of your skin from becoming too cold.  When it’s hot outside, your blood vessels expand to encourage heat loss, and this is why you begin to sweat.

How Does Cold Temperature Affect The Use Of Lip Pumps

Unfortunately, in colder temperatures, you will have to plump your lips more frequently to maintain your pout. This is quite normal. However, here are some great tips to maintain your beautiful full lips:

  1. Stay hydrated and drink warm water or beverages.
  2. Keep yourself warm at all times.
  3. Stay active and exercise at least an hour a day to mobilize blood flow and increase circulation throughout the body.
  4. Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs, decongestants, and pain killers.
  5. Avoid stimulants such as amphetamine, meth, cocaine, and nicotine.
  6. Foods that expand blood vessels are: hot sauce, chili peppers, citrus fruits, watermelons, cantaloupes, avocado, celery, fenugreek, cabbage, spinach, beets, celery, tomatoes and tomato juice, cheese, radish, turnip, onion, garlic, and mustard.
  7. Drink plenty of raw vegetable juice.
  8. Try  not to eat cold foods on a daily basis.
  9. Do  sauna at least once a week and take frequent hot baths.
  10. Get a good deep facial massage once a week to keep the blood moving throughout  the face.

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