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what will happen when you use shot glasses, pill bottles, shampoo lids, or caps for lip plumping? You get FREE FORM lips because these DIY household tools are also FREE-FORM made. Using FREE-FORM tools, you get uneven lumpy blown out lips. They are not intended for lip plumping. Take a look at these images from the Kylie Jenner Challenge. There are many things you can DIY at home but lip plumping isn’t one of them. why? The results may not be as you expected.


A major concern of using DIY suction tools is they may break under pressure. When your lips swell t00 much in the shot glass or bottle or jar, they exert a strong pressure against the walls of these objects. If it is glass, it can shatter and cut your lips. If the opening is small, there is no releasing mechanism. The lips can swell 5 times their normal size or more.  You will have to tear it off your lips. In the event that you get a real bad infection or tear a deep gash in your lips or mouth, you may deform or scar  your lips permanently.

CandyLipz- A Tool Designed Specifically for Lip Plumping

CandyLipz is ultimately safer than shot glasses.  It is designed specifically for lip plumping. It uses a premium food grade silicone suction bladder which has a built-in specific suction strength safe for your lips. By  using its flexible suction bladder, you can squeeze the lip plumper and control the suction levels to your comfort and you can quickly release it from your lips instantly by compressing the lip plumper. CandyLipz is clinically proven safe for lip plumping and it is dermatologist approved.

CandyLipz is a not a FREE-FORM tool. It has a built-in lip shaper mouthpiece (embedded inside the suction tool) which gives your lips a smooth and even plumping effect (Shot glasses cannot do this- you get uncontrollable blown out uneven lips). As a matter of fact, the CandyLipz lip-shaper mouthpiece is designed to shape and contour your lips beautifully. The design may look simple but it does many effects for your lips and this was the reason why it won 30 prestigious awards worldwide.

To make it easy for you to visualize the CandyLipz design, let’s take a look at designer fruit and vegetables. Did you know that growers can turn fruit and vegetables into any shape they give them using designer moulds? Look at the examples below. You can now have a square apple or a pear Buddha for a snack. Think of how fun it is to eat the slice heart-shape cucumber or tomato salad.  To sum it all up, CandyLipz uses the same concept to mould your lips!



CandyLipz design is more complex than it looks.  With this unique lip plumping tool, you can enhance your lips to any size you like and they are always perfect. You can get them really large for fun and it will not produce out of control, lumpy and uneven lip results. The design has been engineered to aid in the enhancement of the definition of the arches of the Cupid’s bow,  the philtrum, and much much more. Your lips are guided by the fixed design of the lip-shaper element. It is an original tool found no where else on the market.




Did you know that lip plumpers have been around for over 10 years and cupping method has been used for 3,500 years. There are no known cases where it damaged the skin or caused harm to the body. The cupping marks are temporary. It takes on average just 4.4 days to clear the marks on first-time users. The cupping marks do not return after the lip training period if you continue to use the lip plumper. There are butt and breast cupping treatments on the market as well. People also use cupping in sports to improve healing and manage pain. In skin care treatment, cupping is used to get rid of skin cellulite and improve facial toning.

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