A common way doctors use to tighten your sagging skin is to intentionally damage your skin tissue using heat! Yes- your skin is actually cooked just like how you cook your food in a microwave oven. This is how you trick your body to stimulate its own tissue repair and production of all the materials necessary for healing and re-building. Break it to renew it.

The simplest way to explain this concept without getting very technical is when you rub your palms together real fast, they get really hot- right? Well, doctors apply the same idea to repair your skin but they use electrical currents to force water molecules in your skin to collide with each other so heat can be generated.  The faster the molecules collide, the hotter the temperature gets.

During your skin tightening procedure, the temperature applied to the treated area may reach as high as 176 degree Fahrenheit (F). This is intensely HOT. Water boils at 212 degree F! These procedures sound very scary! When you get a high fever of 105 degrees F, you know it can be quite dangerous. However, stay calm, these procedures are safe, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To understand how heat is generated using your own skin, let’s take a look at how your foods are cooked in the microwave oven. The same concept can be applied to your skin. To generate heat, the water molecules in your foods will have to collide at an astounding speed of 1 to 2.5 billion collisions per second.

Electromagnetic Spectrum CandyLipz

A few procedures which use radio frequency (RF) to tighten and lift your skin are Thermage and Exilis. Thermage has been around since 2002 and Exilis was recently introduced in 2013.  These procedures burn holes in the matrix layer of your collagen structure. By doing so, your skin will shrink when the holes heal and it gradually induces the body to stimulate the damaged collagen structure to produce collagen in the upcoming months.  This is why it may take up to 6 months to see the results and the effect may last up to 2 years.


Thermage treatments can be very painful and require anesthesia. The cost can run as high as $5,000 for a full face and neck treatment. Each treatment is an hour. Depending on how lax your skin is, two treatments may be necessary to achieve the results. Exilis is not painful and takes just 30 minutes. You can do a series of 4 to 6 treatments every 2 weeks. The cost per session is around $1,000. The side effects include temporary redness, swelling, bruising, numbness, and superficial blistering.

Food for Thought: If you use high heat to damage your collagen skin layer, will you destroy its ability to produce collagen? You be the judge.
Must-Know Tip: Radio frequency procedures were shown to damage fat tissue and create dimples in the skin. People have reported to look gaunt.


Believe it or not, facial pinching, knuckling, and fingers tapping will do the trick. YES! A little pain goes a long way to naturally stimulate your skin to renew, thicken, and prevent wrinkles. These simple and quick methods will require your time and not your money. By taking out just 9 minutes of your time a day to work on your skin, it stays tightened and toned into your late years. The exercises are fun and simple to do. You can do them anytime and anywhere. If you need a little lotion or oil for easier skin knuckling or pinching, use it.

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STEP 1: Keep your facial muscles relaxed. Tap throughout your face with your fingernails for 3 minutes like playing a drum. Tap as hard as you feel comfortable but not too comfortable. The key is to induce your skin to turn on it collagen production mode. You will feel some discomfort and your eyes may water at first but once you get used to it, you will start to enjoy it.

STEP 2: Pucker your face and hold. For 3 minutes, use your thumb’s knuckles to erase your facial wrinkles. Just like how you erase a letter on a page with a pencil, do the same for your whole face. Up and down motion.

STEP 3: For 3 minutes, pinch your cheeks, around the lower jaw, and under the chin. Keep your facial muscles tense and resist the pinching and pulling.

Note: If you use light force and pressure, you may not see the results. You must to put in your work! Mild bruising may appear during your first few exercise sessions but it will dissipate with daily practice.

Interesting Trivia: Mobile phones emit RF energy. There is a link between heavy mobile phone users and incidents of brain tumors on the side of the heads where the mobile phones were applied. When you chronically expose your ear to RF, you practically slow cook your tissues in the contact area.

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