Researchers found that cupping therapy* reduces the iron load in the body! The discovery was made by pure accident from cases where devotees of cupping practitioner became anemic from over cupping their bodies.


Normally, when you become anemic, it is because your body is low in iron. If you suspect you eat too much iron in your diet, cupping therapy is one way for you to remove some iron from your body. It is very dangerous to accumulate iron because it can damage all body organs and increases your chances of getting a heart attack.

Before you run out to do cupping therapy, you need to know why iron is so important for the body!  You need iron to carry oxygen throughout your body. Iron also helps your muscles store and use oxygen. So, if you do not eat enough iron you get tired all the time because your cells are choking! In addition, iron is also needed for healing, tissue repair, and for the prevention of infection.

You have an average of 4 grams of iron in the body and 3 grams are found in red blood cells (oxygen carrier). The rest is stored for emergencies.  Your body breaks down about 20 mg of old red blood cells a day and reuses most of the iron to make new red blood cells- this means it is not necessary to eat so much iron if you are not a very active person. Elite endurance athletes can lose as much as 2.5 mg of iron through their sweat, urine, feces, and breath per session! For the average person, you lose just 1 mg per day through these routes.

Believe it or not, your body has no active excretion pathways to get rid of iron! Women lose about 2 mg during their regular menstrual periods. Men cannot get rid of iron if they consume too much iron unless they lose blood from injuries or they donate blood.

Researchers suggest that when the body absorbs a continuous load of iron exceeding 1–2 mg/day a day, it will cause the body to store iron in every cell! This can lead to organ malfunction including liver and heart failure, not to mention accelerated aging.

The recommended daily intake of iron is 18 mg for women and 8 mg for men between the ages of 19 to 50. These figures are quite high. However, we do not absorb all the iron we eat! Depending on what foods you combine with your iron-rich foods, you may absorb as little as 10% and as high as 35% of iron from your diet. For example, if you eat your meal with food high in Vitamin C, it will enhance iron absorption while dairy products will inhibit iron absorption.

Do you habitually eat a lot of iron rich foods without knowing it? Take a look at the list below. If you do, give cupping therapy a try.  Look at the image here. You could easily consume at least 50 mg of iron a day or more from just these few items. Scientists found that the more iron you eat, the easier it is for you to absorb.



Foods Amount Iron mg
Mollusks (Clams, Mussels, Oysters) 3 oz 24
Licorice Candy Strip (made with Molasses) 45 cm 10
Soybeans (boiled) 1 cup 8
Iron-Fortified Cereals 1 cup 6 to 18
Beef and Lamb (Lean Tenderloin) 8 oz 7.6
Liver (Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Beef) 1 oz 7
Passion Fruit 1 cup 3.8
Beans and Pulses (White Beans, Red Beans, Pinto, Lentils, Black-Eyed Peas) 1 cup 3 to 6.6
Dried Peach 1 cup 6.8
Spinach 1 cup 6.5
Mammy Apple 1 fruit 6
Rowal 1 cup 5.2
Dark Chocolate 1 square (5 mg) 5
Dried Currants, Zante 1 cup 4.7
Prune Juice 1 cup 4.5
Swiss Chard 1 cup 4
Squash and Pumpkin Seeds 1 oz (142 seeds) 4
Dried Pears 1 cup 3.8
Abiyuch 1 cup 3.7
Dried Apricot 1 cup 3.5
Nuts (Cashew, Pine, Hazelnut, Peanut, Almond, Soybean) 1 oz 2 to 3.5
Tamarinds 1 cup 3.4
Firm Tofu 1 oz 3.4
Guave Nectar 1 cup 3.2
Blackstrap molasses 1 Tbs 3
Bran Cereal ½ cup 3
Figs 5 pieces 3
Watermelon ¼ of medium size 3
Mulberries 1 cup 2.6
Raisins 1/2 cup 2.5
Shrimp/Prawn 3 oz 2.5
Dark Meat (Chicken and Turkey) 3 oz 2.5
Elderberries 1 cup 2.3
Sapodilla 1 cup 2
Carissa 1 cup 2
Groundcherries (Cape-Gooseberries) 1 cup 1.5
Avocado 1 cup 1.5
Kale and Broccoli 1 cup 1.1


* If you are growing, pregnant, lactating, have ill health, blood disorders, or high blood pressure, DO NOT DO Cupping Therapy. For the healthy individuals, you can do cupping at least once a month. You can do self-cupping using silicone cups at home if you do not have time to visit your therapist.

IMPORTANT: Do not put suction cups on your neck! You can put them on your back, buttocks, legs, thighs, stomach, and arms.

* Add whole grains and drink milk to reduce the absorption of iron in your diet. Black tea and caffeine also reduce iron absorption, however, they may do equivalent damage to the body as iron. These topics will be discussed in upcoming articles.

Trivia: Scientists found that you can dramatically reduce your risk of heart attack by donating blood! They think your blood becomes thinner so it reduces your risk of heart disease and this may be why they think women have a lower rate of heart disease because they menstruate. Another good reason to give blood is you may get rid of old sticky blood cells and replace them with new ones. Many people who practice longevity do give blood at least twice a year because they believe it will help them live longer.

FUN VIDEO TO WATCH: Holy Smoke! Imagine this iron is in your body if you eat this daily!


Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese medicinal method where you use suction cups on your body to increase circulation, move, loosen, and free trapped toxins from deep body tissues.

Disclaimer: The Information and statements regarding this article has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician if you have questions about cupping therapy or starting cupping therapy.

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