Your body is packed with collagen! If your body is cremated (dry weight), 25% of its weight is collagen. Your skin is comprised of 70% collagen. When you age, you lose collagen so you look flatter, dented, and drooped. To restore your look, you can inject collagen into your face and lips. Some people do inject collagen into their hands and private parts to get the youthful plumping effects.


Collagen lip fillers can be derived from animal sources, a non-animal source, human cadavers, or from your own lab-grown collagen! There are many drawbacks to all these methods. But before you decide to spend a lot of money on lip augmentation, this article will help you find the best and safest way that gives you the “VA VA VA BOOM” lips you always wanted.

* It has been reported that 3% of the patients who used purified porcine skin or bovine tendon collagen for soft tissue fillers have developed severe hypersensitive reactions to the animal allergens. The severe symptoms may include redness and red bumps on the mouth and lips which last for up to six months (with corticosteroid treatments). BEWARE. Even if all patients are required to get skin allergy tests, the allergic reactions may take months to show up. What about the transmission of animal diseases to humans? There is a well-known concern about the transmission of Mad Cow Disease to patients. There is no known case because it takes decades to develop and there is no way to track it. Today, porcine collagen is rarely used for lip filler because it forms lumps and nodules in the lips more so than bovine collagen.

* How about injecting a dead person’s collagen into your lips? Human cadavers? It sounds very scary and it is! However, patients will have less chance of rejecting the collagen- meaning fewer hypersensitivity reactions. BUT, there are risks of catching infectious diseases. You need to think of where the cadavers came from. China has used dead babies and executed prisoners to manufacture their collagen products.

 * You can get human collagen produced by tobacco plants! Yes. Scientists injected 5 human genes into the tobacco cells and they are able to make human collagen! This is still in development. This method is very expensive and the collagen is not bio-functional yet. However, this may be in your future.

 * You can clone your own collagen using your own fibroblast skin cells! Your doctor will take a 3 mm punch of your skin near the ear and send it to a lab. It takes 12 to 20 weeks to grow your collagen. You will need 3 sessions and the look may last for up to 1 year using 3 treatments. This is the safest method. However, it is very expensive. If you have aged fibroblasts, they will not produce good quality collagen. This means your results will not last. You can also get fibroblast collagen from a young individual but you have to put up with a chance of catching infectious diseases. It costs $2,000 to grow your collagen indefinitely. They freeze it until you need it. Each session may cost between $500 to $1000 (depending on how large you want your lips to be). You will have to come back frequently to maintain your pout.

 * If none of the above methods is your cup of tea, take a look at CandyLipz! This system is 100% natural. It uses suction method combined with a unique lip-shaper technology which allows you to shape and contour the appearance of your lips the way you wanted. Plus, you get to choose your own lip size. One drawback is you will need to use this beauty tool 2 or 3 times daily to maintain your look.

CandyLipz Vs. Juv


Tips: Collagen lip injections  are not long lasting. It may last 2 to 4 months. If you talk, move, and chew a lot, the body will de

grade the collagen in as little as 4 weeks. The younger you are, the faster the collagen gets degraded.

Trivia: Transgenic animals can secrete collagen from their breasts but fail to make functional collagen for human use.

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