CandyLipz lip plumping results are NOT permanent. However, they may be semi-permanent. According to our clinical trial, the results showed that lip volume increased  from base-line lip size by 36% after 60 days of twice-daily application for 2 minutes each time. To learn more about our study, you can view the  CandyLipz Clinical Trial here.


Abbyprofitt wrote, “I have been candylipping full time for about a year and a half. I had the green pump given to me as a gift around 2 years ago and I liked it but I wasn’t sure of the double lobe so I gave it to my friend and a few months later I tried it again and loved it. Then I bought the red apple pump which is now my favourite! I love my lips looking full and really round and that does it so well. I don’t need to use the pump everyday but it’s a part of my routine so I can’t help it. Recently, I received the black licorice. I didn’t think I’d use it as much as the red one but I do! If my lips are still fully round, I will use it to add the double lobe effect and if my top lip could do with a bit of a boost, I will use the red pump. Thienna and the rest of the candylipz team are something else, friendly, quick responses, soo helpful with advise and tips – couldn’t ask for nicer people! Depending on how strong I pump them I could probably go around 3 / 4 days without pumping them again and they’d still be a really decent size. Naturally, they are a lot fuller now and they seem to stay that way. At the very start when they’d deflate, I think they’d go smaller but the more you use the pump the fuller they become naturally and I guess that’s also why it’s also important to do ‘your nightly’ conditioning time.”



If you are wondering about the permanent results of CandyLipz lip plumping, they are not! We still have to fight the aging process. You can have the most chiseled, muscular body in the world but if you stop exercising, you will gradually lose muscle tone with age. Observe the top athletes in their prime time and then in later years: their bodies age and sag after they retire from their careers.  As for our lips, our lips age along with the rest of our bodies. Muscle has 80% water as compared to 2% in fat. As we age, we lose lip muscle and have more fat in the lips and mouth area. As a result, our lips lengthen, flatten, lose projection, and definition. When there are less fluids in your lips and mouth tissues, our lips do not swell up or hold fluids as easily as when we were young. Using CandyLipz daily may help fight the aging of your lips. We do not know the exact scientific mechanism that swells the lips and what causes the base-line lip size to increase in size after long-term use of CandyLipz. However, the clinical trial has spoken.

Rationale: Today, researchers showed that intermittent oxygen deprivation from blood-flow restriction increases muscle bulk and thickness. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue making up from 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content. Connective tissue is a component of muscle. If muscle increases in size, we can speculate that there was collagen growth when the muscle increases in size. In our case, when one applies the Candylipz suction device to the lips, one also restricts oxygen to the lips. This is why the lips turn blue. To sum it all up, the clinical trial showed that participant’s natural  lips are plumper after 60 days of plumping.

Trivia: Your long philtrum may give away your age! Males have longer philtrums than females by at least 2 mm. For every decade after the age of 18, both male and female upper lips lengthen on average  by 0.5 mm. By the time you reach the age of 60, your philtrum droops on average by 3.5  mm in length for females and 5 mm for males. Take a look at famous celebrities such as Mick Jagger and Angelina Jolie. You can observe how aging can affect the most beautiful lips in the world.

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