Your lip plumper is an amazing beauty tool! Besides its ability to plump your lips, it may reveal the condition of your health as reported by some CandyLipz users. When your lip conditioning period lasts much longer than 2 weeks, even a month, or the bruising lingers on forever, you need to stop using the lip pump. This blog post is not intended to diagnose your health condition. If you have concerns about your long period of bruising, please contact your healthcare doctor for an evaluation.  Below are a few great cases from CandyLipz users who had cupping marks linger on much longer than usual.

NOTES: We shortened the conversation lengths to give you a general scope of each story. We thank all users for their cases.


CandyLipz User (D): “Hi can I ask why I am still getting terrible bruising still after a couple weeks? I can’t use it before I go out as it looks awful… am I doing something wrong?”

Customer Representative: “…We think your body is low in iron…Is that possible? We have helped many people and this seemed to be the case…Stop using the lip pump for a week and start back up again after you adjust your diet…”

CandyLipz User (D): “…Thank you so so much…….I love the caring after service. Yes, my iron is low and I am currently on iron pills…….I will read what you sent me and wait a week……..”


CandyLipz User (M): “Hi CandyLipz…My lips haven’t finished the conditioning process, they keep bruising…”

CandyLipz Representative: “…Are you anemic?…”

CandyLipz User (M): “…Thank you for your email that was very nice. I am anemic and I have thyroid problem so that probably why I am still bruising. There has been an improvement in the amount of bruising as I have been using it more often but it needs to completely go away. I will do what you said and thanks for looking out for me…”


CandyLipz User (T): “… I have to say that so far I am still not able to do the two minutes without having hickey marks above and below my lips then the lips are bruised and look terrible. I do it at night I have tried and worked my way up but for some reason I am not getting results… Any suggestions?”

CandyLipz Representative: “… Do you have an underlying health issue?…”

CandyLipz User (T): “…I have thyroid cancer, pernicious anemia, and Hashimotos’s disease. I am on a full regime of vitamins and injections for these. I also have my vitamin levels checked to make sure I am within normal range, which I am. I appreciate that advice though!! I do notice when I use it for a minute that there is no hickey marks but no real plumping. I love the results I see with others! I will wait until the lips are normal again before trying…”

Updated Health Info from CandyLipz User (T): Unfortunately, T’s health never got better. She stopped using the lip plumper. She wrote: “I have had some setbacks though…I need more surgery for the recurrence of my thyroid cancer…”

We hope this article sheds some light on cupping marks or bruises. If you have lingering cupping marks or bruises and your marks are very dark, there is a good chance that you are anemic ONLY. Around 1 out of 10 females in the USA are deficient in iron (anemic). Anemia is correctable. Eat a well-balanced diet and take your doctor recommended supplements to improve your overall health. If down the road, you get the cupping marks again and they linger on, it is a good time to visit your doctor for a checkup.

If you are on birth control, the hormones will likely intensify your cupping marks. There are foods, drugs, and medications that may intensify the color of your cupping marks. Follow these links to read more on this topic: Vitamin Deficiency And Bruising, Some Foods Increase Bruising, Some Medications Do Increase Bruising, Supplements Can Increase Bruising, Who Should Not Use Suction Tool and Easy Bruising Common with Age.

Trivia: If you are a healthy individual, all cupping marks will resolve within 4 to 7 days- no matter how dark your cupping marks get.

Disclaimer: The Information and statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician if you have questions regarding your health.

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