You may have heard about the danger of the Kylie Jenner Challenge where teen boys are girls around the world suck on shot glasses, medicinal  bottles, and shampoo caps to enlarge their lips. The whole debacle went horribly wrong. Many were left with massive bruising. Some had to go to the hospitals to get stitches. Dermatologists warned kids to stop their experiments before they permanently disfiguring their lips and mouth. They are right. Let’s face it. DIY household objects are not made for lip plumping. They can break under pressure and cut your lips and mouth!

Let’s take a look at why CandyLipz is safe for lip plumping.

1. Candylipz is built specifically for lip plumping. It uses simple hand operated suction technology similar to a manually hand-operated breastmilk suction pump to enlarge the lips. What is so special about CandyLipz is that it is not just a plain tube! Inside the CandyLipz suction tool, it contains an embedded lip-shaping mouthpiece technology which guides the formation of the enlarging lips so you will not get deformed looking lips.  It is designed to give you a smooth plumping effect. With CandyLipz, you get perfectly even pouty lips every time no matter how large you make your lips. CandyLipz is also size-fixed- meaning your lips will enlarge to a certain fullness and after that they stop because there is no more room for lip expansion. You cannot ever burst your lips open as seen in teens of the Kylie Jenner Challenge. The  illustration below shows the complexity of the CandyLipz design.


2. To prevent the soft mouth tissues from getting red markings, CandyLipz provides a jelly-soft mouth cushion to protect the skin. This extra added protection really cushions the skin in that area.


3. CandyLipz has been tested rigorously for three years.

4. CandyLipz is the first home-use lip plumping tool to have been clinically proven safe for lip plumping. Read our clinical trial here.

5. It is dermatologist approved.

Some are concerned about the hickey/ cupping marks side effect.


If you are concerned about the 7 days temporary bruising (hickey marks from suction), you can rest assure that it is safe. With lip injections, you bruise every time for the same amount of time each time you get lip injections. With CandyLipz you bruise just once during your lip conditioning period and with continuous use of the lip plumper daily, you will not likely to bruise again. However, we must point out that the bruises you see on your lips and mouth may not be bruises because you can actually rub them off in minutes!  We call them cupping marks and you can read more by following this link.

One of the most frequently asked questions that we have about the bruising is “Does it damage the skin?”.

Some dermatologists who support lip injections and are against natural lip plumping might say something like: “the skin around the mouth is delicate- you don’t want to damage your collagen-producing cells there.”

Here is our response. Today,  researchers showed that intermittent oxygen deprivation from blood flow restriction increases muscle bulk and thickness. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue making up from 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content. Connective tissue is always attached to muscle. If muscle increases in size, we can speculate that there were collagen growth when the muscle gains bulk tissues. In the CandyLipz case, when one applies our suction device to the lips, one also restricts oxygen to the lips. This is why the lips look blueish after the plumper is removed. In summary, CandyLipz clinical trial results showed that the participants natural lips or base-line lip size were plumper by 36% after 60 days of use for 2 minutes twice daily. So was there any damage done to the lips? You decide.

We hope you have more information to decide what is the best way and safest way to plump your lips. You can do it the natural way using CandyLipz or you can turn your face over to your plastic surgeon.

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Some users reported getting intense hickey/cupping marks when they were over excited to see how large they could get their lips on their first attempts. To avoid or to reduce the appearance of cupping marks, use less time per application. For example, you can do 15 to 30 seconds per application instead of 1 minute. All individuals are different, so go slow if you do not want to get cupping marks.

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